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FURQ I keep seeing you in the forums but nothing about the staff apps ;-; is there something wrong or what?
hello all, you may remember me as
  1. PanduuSteph
  2. HeyImSteph
  3. _ItzMeSteph
  4. _Inf00sedSteph12
  5. LeSteph_
my current username is bleedinglove. hope to see you all soon !! 💛
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Sorry. I don't remember you. But we can get to know eachother!
Mob stacks = No breeding, no good spawner farming, and no wool farming. Take off mob stack plugin plzzzz
creative might get added but it might not.
I dont realy know for shure Hydric.
Is creative getting added? I really hope it does because creative was one of the best modes added before.
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It will eventually, yes.
Unfortunately we dont plan on adding Creative in the future. In the past, it has resulted in a few issues relating to drama on the server. It also doesn't tie in well with our new "Survival first" approach.

I appreciate your suggestion nonetheless.
Hmmm Rats! I was sure creative was going to be added. Well, that's okay! Towny has its benefits and that's enough for me. :D
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