xxLindaSFSDxx's Ban Appeal

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User name: xXSkyXx

What is your Minecraft name? xxLindaSFSDxx

What are you appealing? Ban

Have you been banned before? No

Why should you be unbanned? I made a huge mistake. I said "nigga bitch, nigga hoe, jk, i support all<3" I didn't mean it, I should've not said that. I sincerely apologize, and I support everyone, no matter who they are or what race they may be. I do not have any hate towards black or white or anyone else. I feel so terrible. I am so sorry, and it well NEVER happen again.

If applicable, please provide evidence to support your appeal. (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

I have read the rules by typing /rules in-game and will follow them. Yes
Not open for further replies.