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Shuot's Introduction


Hello, my name is Shuot aka Westley,

I'm 35, yes I know I'm very old lol! But I work as a Pediatrics Surgeon, yes I work on children and no... It's not weird. I have a wife and 2 boys, there both amazing little men first one is 3 years old and is a crazy "terrorist" at heart! Avery is only a couple weeks old and loves to sleep and eat... and poop... BUT anyways lol, my beautiful wife and I met back when I was 17 and she was 16, now I'm 35 and she's 34 and our marriage is going SUPER strong! I love everyone, my kids, my wife, my friends, and all of you guys! I can't wait to see you all guys on there and being able to meet you all on Discord! See you all soon!

(Blockville Moderator)