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PsychoBlocker Introduction


Hello! For those of you who don't know me I am PsychoBlocker, I have been playing on the network for a while now and have decided to come back. I am very excited about the new launch and will be livestreaming and recording again to prove my excitement :D

Real Life:
I am currently 19 and I live in New York. I attend a SUNY college while working part time at a local automotive dealership. I am going to school for Automotive Technology and am currently taking the Ford Asset class. This will allow me to become certified in repairs specific to Ford and Lincoln. I am very interested in cars, so if you are too I would love to chat about them with somebody! I like to spend my free time playing video games as I am a big nerd. I also love meeting new people and making friends with them. Anyways, I think this is enough for now.

So really the only thing I can post right now is that I will make the town of (hopefully) Paradise unless someone else steals the name. I hope to see you all on and to make friends with everyone! Happy Mining ;)