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My intoduction - Smokefall



I am Smokefall, or Smoke as some call me. I have been an on off player on this server for quite some time, even as far back to the original Blockville! I'm sure if furq has access to the old that can be verified. I have many memories on this server, such as building my very first full afk cactus farm in /estate (I think that was what it was called where you had like a massive plot of land 79x79 or something). I was quite sad when I found out this server was closing down, but I am so happy to know it is now going to be back up again. I have sunk many, many hours of my freetime into this server over the years and I am excited to spend more time here!

Anyway, a bit more about myself; I am experienced with graphics design. I am currently learning java with hopes to someday make my own projects in minecraft with that gained knowledge. I love building in the rustic, medieval style. I keep to myself, but when someone messages me I don't hesitate to start a conversation.

If you'd like to know more feel free to message me!
My discord is Smoke#4738



Welcome welcome! Always good to see old players back! Looking forward to seeing you in-game!
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