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Mob stacking plugin is not player friendly...


The mob stack plugin doesn't help the players! It helps the server from lags (good!). BUT when mobs stack we have slower mob grinders exp, we cannot farm wool efficiently (why its hard to buy or find). Wool is a huge part of building in Minecraft especially for medieval builders and the majority of the time all shops are sold out of wool! Mob stack plugin hinders us from sheering sheep because they stack on top of each other while trying to breed them. We cannot take wheat to breed 2 animals because after feeding them 1 time it does not register as the next stacked (cow, sheep, pig, or chicken) because they are all in one and it registers as the first (cow, sheep, pig, or chicken) that we already fed. Anyone who wants to build a wool farm or a high efficient exp mob grinder (multiple hits on the same mobs while clicking like crazy) , and a good output on all mob drops. Support me and this thread to tell the ADMINS to take this PLUGIN and REMOVE it from Blockville so we can make a good living in this wonderful server. Removing mob stacks will make Blockville way more efficient and a better experience/grinding to the meaning of farming with mobs!!