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It's been too long.


Hi there, I'm EnderPort.

I joined the original Blockville back in 2012 when it was purely a towny server and at the time one of the largest towny servers in Minecraft. I played religiously making a very large town which soon became to be classed as a continent. I had outposts everywhere and I loved the community. Eventually, as many players do, I got disinterested and branched out to other servers, but I never forgot my first server, Blockville. I've always had the server on my list since it was added, and I've seen various resets and name changes (@Furqi for the love of notch, please decided on one name xd) but despite that, I was never able to get back into playing the server.

Now though, I have the whole summer to try something new, so here I am, back again after 5 years. I've seen a few people I remember already on forums (SgtVampz, OLL and Psychoblocker) and I'm looking forward to dominating the map and creating a ruling city-state where you will all be subjects making a town again.

@Furqi, if you still have the old world save for Pandora, I'd love to see it!

I guess I'll see you all around!