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Everything is gone..


Today I logged back into Blockville after being absent for a few weeks due to medical issues. First the welcome message showed that everyone gets in their first log in. I soon found out that my /home was gone, all my items were gone, my balance was down and I did not have the tier that I had bought during my many hours of playing on Blockville. The only thing that was left was my copper rank (from which you might know that I was a returning player, seeing as a new player cannot join with already having a rank). I am very confused as to why this happened. I would understand being kicked from the town I was in, however that all my stuff is gone and I don't have my tier and balance anymore is really confusing.

Is there a solution to this?

-x Yanieck


Hi Yanieck!

Towny recently had a reset and it’s now “Towny 2”. There’s an entirely new map and everyone’s things, including balance and homes, were reset because of the new release. The release was to upgrade the map for the newer 1.14.4 options, like pandas, bamboo, and naturally spawning foxes.

I hope this clears up any confusion! We hope to see you back on the server and playing with us!

- Plopped