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clasik's Introduction



My names Mark. I'm 16 and I live in SoCal. I'm currently in high school with plans to go into a 4-year and probably get an engineering degree (don't know which one yet). I've been playing on this server for about 7 1/2 years now, starting at 2013, I think. Back then, I was a little kid with the alias of The_Red_Dude, and I would remember always coming into this server right after doing my homework. I would always come here with a friend of mine and just start mining until our arms got tired, and in the end, we had this enormous mine that was going in all sorts of directions and, we were just really proud of it because we had spent so much time and dedication to it. And when the server wipe happened, we were on the verge of tears.
I'm still surprised that this server is still up despite having been around like since 2012 (gj furq) and even more surprised that there are some people I remember being part of the beginning. I think this server will always find its way to my thinking because of all the people I met and all the memories I've made. I hope to see this server grow and it's community grow even further. I'll see you around, Blockville.