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Chubbs Introduction

What's good chiefs. It's been a fair while, glad to see that the server is back!

Little bit about me:
Name: Evan (also known as Chubbs)
Age: 19
Location: Wales, UK

I originally played Blockville when it first started and man it was one hell of a ride. Met a lot of cool people within the player and staff teams. I've taken breaks here and there however I finally have some free time besides the occasional work day but other than that I will more than likely be on the server. I also in my free time create mods etc. for a game called Arma 3 etc. also drawing is a thing I like to do as well as builds on creative. (I'll more than likely post about them) Other than that I pretty much listen to music sooo yeah cheers for reading chief. Hope to see you on the server!