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Bannr's Ban Appeal

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User name: bannr

What is your Minecraft name? Bannr

What are you appealing? Ban

Have you been banned before? No

Why should you be unbanned? I was joking around with some people (friends) which are included here:

We were making jokes about our villages, and everyone had no problem with it and we all had a good time. I do admit I did start using caps more than usual but my ban was not for that. I was banned for "Insulting." I'd like to say I wasn't insulting anyone, and If I was, it was in a joking manner. No one had actually taken offense to my jokes so I saw it as okay.

Then, I saw CJ (mod/admin) try to ban me, (he instead banned someone called banRR by accident) and a few short seconds after, I was banned. It seems to me that the only one who really had a problem with my jokes which are "insulting" was the moderator/admin.

With that conclusion, I request an unban.

If such jokes like these are unacceptable, I'll refrain from making them in public chat. Thank you for reading


If applicable, please provide evidence to support your appeal. (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

I have read the rules by typing /rules in-game and will follow them. Yes



If evidence for support is needed, I can contact my friends to give you how they also saw this situation, as they also saw it as nothing more than jokes.


There is a fine line between jokes and insults. Watch what you say and if it could be interpreted as negative, don't say it.

Your ban was temporary and you have been unbanned. Note that actions like this won't be tolerated.
Not open for further replies.