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ASTN's intro


Hello everyone. I am Austin/ASTN. I have been on and off the server for a while, Left each time cause offline friends stopped playing and I hate to play alone. My intentions is to get involved in the community this way i have a reason to stick around.

General Info, On a mini self imposed "sabbatical" between a former job (unfortunately the company filed bankruptcy and had to leave everyone go, Shame cause it was a great job) and going back to school. I am 25 years old. Live in Pennsylvania. In the National Guard for 8 years (actually joined when I turned 17/Has been quite an experience). I am typically quiet but and gonna break out of that shell (hopefully) with y'all.

I am also a very openly gay male and have always found this community to be pleasant and look forward to spending a lot of time here.

Soooo glad you brought the server back!!!!!