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Ari's Introduction


Hey! I'm Kayla, but in-game I am known as Ari ?

I have been playing on this server since the original Blockville, and I'm glad its made its come back and am excited to see what's in store for the server. A lot of people may not know me but I hope this gives us a chance to meet and become friends, and if you think you know me my past usernames were: Arizona670, Untrustinq, UghAri, and is currently Espials. I like playing Skyblock, Towny, and Survival. I enjoy building and love to make in-game stores (which is probably the first thing I will do lol). Anyways have a nice day, and enjoy a few fun facts about me below!

All About Ari :eek:

Age: 17 (Soon to be 18!)?
Pets: 2 Doggos, and a Guinea Pig ??
Interests: Gaming, Watching Tv, Painting w/ watercolor, Chatting with friends, Food, and more that you might just have to find out yourself...
Favorite Color: Purple ?
Favorite Animal: I can't name one they are all cute!!
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics ?‍♀