the_Darknis's Appeal

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Minecraft Name The_Darknis

On what date was administrative action taken against you? Jun 29, 2020

For what reason was administrative action taken against you? Hacked client

Why should we reverse administrative action? I was mining for some money after my faction raided the factions form shout_. because we didn't have enough money to buy more creeper eggs. I was getting so many diamonds because I have a fortune 10 pickaxe I get around 2,5 stacks per vein. I did use a weird way to mine I mine up and down in stairs to get more ground covered and turn at 1 point when I didn't found anything I turn to another direction that works good for me but looks like x-ray for other ppl so I understand why it may looks like that I used it.
I was using the badlion client so I could not insert any hacks in my client or so but it would be possible for me just to get an x-ray texture pack but why would I use that when I know that the staff is always looking for hackers and ppl using x-ray so and when you use x-ray you stop look around and then mine to the ores but I never stopped I just mined and turned . I found many new friends on the server and would like to play further with them. so if you could be kind enough to unban me that would make me very happy that I can see my friends again and play and chat with them.
Thank you in advance


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Appeal approved please don't allow me to see it again or there won't be appeal possible!
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