In-processing L00kism's Staff Applications


New member
User name: L00kism

Minecraft Name L00kism

Age 21

Timezone GMT-4

Rank VIP

Prior Moderation Experience? I used to help out at slimefun servers, introducing new players, and giving advice.

Activity I have been playing for more than a month now daily.

Most active server Earth, and Survival

Advice My advice would be to friendly tell them to maybe compromise if in that situation and stay calm and not curse. Staying calm is key with younger people, which I have learned from my younger siblings.

Discord Yes

Recordings Yes

Number of Applications 3

How did you find this server? I had found this server by searching "Active slimefun server 1.15"

Comments When I joined the server for the first time, everyone was so helpful in guiding me which resulted in me taking a liking to this server. I want to give back that welcoming feeling to someone else just starting on this server. I am active more than 7+ hours per day, any time until 12pm. I also speak and write fluently German, and am able to give help in more than one language. I will do my best if you just give me a chance. Thank you for taking the time to read my Staff Application! ( I have taken the advice that I was given from my previous staff application, and have made new habits such as welcoming new players and giving wbs to returning players, and answering questions.)